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  2. Patrik - likes documentary movies about space
    Patrik - likes winter sports, he does snowboarding
    Patrik, Lukas and Adam
    Lukas likes good food
    Lukas likes to eat
    Martin likes computer games, especially Minecraft
    Adam likes football

    Projection is a new little photo project of mine. This one is digital. Pictures of hobbies, interests, favourite things and sights that reflect subject`s personality are projected on their face.

  3. From the work on a new photo project. #cinema #projector #photo #project #kids (at Siladice, Slovakia)

  5. Daniel. Danko, Steeps+6 or vloger Dano. Incredibly smart. Interested in all kinds of nuances and curiosities. Chatty, friendly, open-minded and a little shy. He sometimes needs a moral support to show himself off in the group of kids. And I loved to be that for him. Only then he exposes his thrilling skills to others. He is cute and emotional. A friend for the times, when you really need a friend.

  6. #owl

  7. One of those photos you would otherwise never show to anyone. So I put lyrics #over it.

  8. Danko

  9. Samo. Čauko kakauko. Very oriented kid for how young this fellow is. His humor and inventive ideas will surprise you. He is hard working and very determined. He is humble, knows his place but is aware of his opportunities. He is a friend to call you and cheer you up when you do not expect it. His childhood is what every child should experience.

  10. When I was in Oswiecim I bought a single use camera. These are the unedited boring photos of both Auschwitz and Auschwitz II Birkenau. Taken with the single use camera.